You just chose the box you really want to buy but you don't know how to do it? We will now explain explain every step :)

For the example, we will buy the "Couple Box"

I want to order this box. I just need to click on "Add to Cart". You can continue your shopping but for the example we will just buy this box. So we click on "Go To Cart".

You can see all products you added in your cart. But before "Checkout", you have to choose between "One-Time Purchase" and "Subscribe". If you want to receive your favorite box every month, every two months,... you just need to subscribe. It's easier and your box will be automatically delivered in front of your door.

You made your choice! The next step is simple, click on "CHECKOUT"

At this step, you can write the discount code if you have one on the right part of the page.

If you want to pay with Paypal or with your credit-card, it will be the same payment method. So you just need to click on "COMPLETE ORDER" to go to the next step.

This is where you will choose how you want to pay your order. 

If you have a Paypal Account, you just need to put your email and your password and click on "Log In To Paypal". After the confirmation of the payment, your order is complete.

If you want to use your VISA, MASTERCARD or AMERICAN EXPRESS credit card, you have to click on "Pay with Debit or Credit Card". After clicking, you will have the last step.

This is the last step! You just have to write all informations and click on "PAY NOW"!

Congratulations! You just ordered your box and Seoul Treat will take care of your order :)